AB Bütçesi 2020: iklim ve iş için daha fazla , Türkiye için daha az para (english)


EU Budget 2020: more money for climate and jobs, less for Turkey

“Tomorrow’s vote on the Parliament’s position on the EU Budget 2020 will support the EPP Group’s priorities: to successfully combine ambitious climate targets with programmes that create new jobs and boost competitiveness. We have further increased support for young people via the Youth Employment Initiative and the flagship education programme Erasmus+”, said Monika Hohlmeier MEP, the European Parliament’s Spokeswoman on the 2020 EU Budget.

In early June this year, the European Commission proposed a draft budget for 2020 consisting of €168.3 billion in commitments and €153.7 billion in payments. The Council only foresees €166.8 billion in commitments and €153.1 billion in payments for next year’s budget.

“However, we are also adjusting the budget to where it is needed: significant less support for the government of Turkey, a country that continues to ignore the rule of law and freedom of speech and is currently destabilising the entire Middle East region with its aggressive behaviour”, concluded Hohlmeier.

The European Parliament will vote on its position tomorrow at the plenary session in Strasbourg. Such a vote provides Parliament’s negotiators with the necessary mandate for negotiations with the Council. The first conciliation meeting is scheduled for November 4.