Anastasiadis’in Guterres’e mektubu Rum basınında: ‘Dönüşümlü Başbakanlık’ önerisi teyit edildi! (english)


Anastasiadis’in Guterres’e mektubu Rum basınında: ‘Dönüşümlü Başbakanlık’ önerisi teyit edildi!Rum Lider Anastasiadis’in BM Genel Sekreteri Guterres’e gönderdiği mektup Rum basınına sızdı. Anastasiadis’in mektubunda dikkat çeken kısım ise Anastasiadis’in “Dönüşümlü Başbakanlık” önerisinin BM Genel Sekreteri’nin geçici Kıbrıs Özel Danışmanı Jane Holl Lute’a sunulduğunun belirtilmiş olması…

Rum Lider Nikos Anastasiadis’in, BM Genel Sekreteri Antonio Guterres’e geçen ay gönderdiği müzakerelerin son durumu ile ilgili mektup Rum basınına sızdı.

Toplam 6 sayfalık mektupta, Rum Liderin, geçtiğimiz yıl Eylül ayında ortaya attığı ‘desentralize federasyon’ önerisi dışında, bu yıl Nisan ayında basına yansıyan ancak resmi ağızlardan teyit edilmeyen ’dönüşümlü başbakanlık’ önerisi modelinin de öneri olarak Özel Temsilci Jane Holl Lute’a sunulduğunun belirtilmesi dikkat çekti.

Anastasiadis’in mektubunda, desentralize federasyon önerisi ile ilinti olarak sunduğunu belirttiği dönüşümlü başbakanlık modelinin federal devlette ortaya çıkması muhtemel çıkmazların aşılması için ideal olduğu ifade edilirken, federal yetkinin, Kıbrıslı Rum ve Türk Başbakan ve Yardımcısı arasında 4 yıla 2 yıl oranında düzenlenmesini öngörüyor. Mektupta Başkanlık konusuna da değinen Anastasiadis, Başkanın Rum, Başkan Yardımcılığının ise sürekli olarak Türk olacağını ve bunun seremonik olacağı da ifade etmesi bir başka dikkat çekici nokta olarak göze çarpıyor.

Mektubunda Kıbrıs Türk Liderliğine de eleştirilerde bulunan Anastasiadis, 26 Şubat 2019 tarihinde yapılan liderler zirvesinde 21 maddelik bir ‘Güven Yaratıcı Önlem’ paketi sunduğunu ancak bunların Türkiye’nin adadaki varlığı ile ilgili konuları içerdiği için, Kıbrıslı Türk Liderliği tarafından henüz cevaplanmadığını savundu.

Türkiye’nin ada etrafında sürdüğü faaliyetleri de sert bir dille eleştiren Anastasiadis, BM’den bu konularla ilgili adım atmasını da istedi.

Anastasiadis’in mektubunun İngilizce tam metni ise şöyle:


In a very difficult context created by renewed tensions and in particular by the recent violations by Turkey of the Charter, international law and any bona fide and rational approach of international relation into areas within which undoubtedly Cyprus has and exercises exclusive sovereign rights, thus, undermining in turn prospects for peace and stability in Cyprus and in the region, I would like to share with You my worries and concerns stemming from such dire situation. At a time when the mission of your Envoy, Ms Jane Holl Lute, was facing difficulties in reaching an agreement on the “Terms of Reference” which would serve as a basis for the continuation of substantive negotiations with meaningful chances of success, your Excellency’s report to the Security Council on your Mission of Good Offices of 16 April, 2019 provided much needed new impetus.

It sent a strong signal of determination urging all parties to continue their constructive engagement with Ms Lute and with each other, in order to establish the basis for negotiation to be resumed. The Security Council in its meeting of 2 May fully endorsed your approach.

Unfortunately rather than positively responding to your call, Turkey reacted with escalation of tension and a crescendo of offensive moves in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone poisoning once again the atmosphere that surrounds the process.

Indeed such coercive actions though not directly linked to the negotiating process are part of illegal offensive behavior of Turkey against Cyprus a member of the UN and the EU and have undermined and hampered all our efforts towards the resumption of the negotiations.

I have repeatedly reiterated my commitment to the process and resuming the talks the soonest possible from the point where they were interrupted at the Conference in Crans Montana. In this respect I have been working constructively with your Envoy, Ms Lute, in the framework of her efforts to achieve terms of reference and of course I continue to remain committed in this effort and the shuttle diplomacy she is engaged in.

I am of the strong opinion that lack of agreement in the previous months should not discourage us, but strengthen our resolve and efforts to achieve reunification to the benefit of Greek Cypriots ad Turkish Cypriots alike. There are no alternatives to the efforts for peaceful settlement of disputes and I think that this message is more relevant now than ever.

As regards the essence of the issues that have led the process to its current stalemate, I wish to recall some of the proposals I put forward with the aim of moving the process forward.

With reference to the insistence by the Turkish Cypriot side that for any decision of any federal body/institution/organ one positive vote for each decision by either constituent state is necessary, I gave repeatedly stressed that we are ready to examine for which at least one favourable vote from each constituent state to be in place in the vital interests of either constituent state or community are to be affected provided there is an effective deadlock resolving mechanism in place.

I have also proposed in response to your encouragement for any input that could prove useful in bringing the sides closer, to discuss the decentralization of the exercise of powers by the Central Government. Such a proposal entails that on the one hand the Central Government as subject to international law, will maintain those powers that are absolute necessary to safeguard the union and cohesion of the Federal State, while on the other hand each constituent state within its administrative area and in line with the principles of non –encroachment and subsidiarity will enjoy extended administratibve autonomy.

I have also proposed another idea which in combination with decentralization might have positive repercussions in breaking the impasse. The idea is to adopt a different system of power for the federal executive and namely a Parliamentary System with a permanent ceremonial Greek Cypriot President and Turkish Cypriot vice president and a rotating 4:2 Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who are to be elected by the House of Representatives. Such a system would in fact bring the two communities and the political parties of both constituent states closer together, since there would be a need to forge ideological alliances irrespective of ethnicity.

Further also in response to Your encouragement to adopt confidence-building measures which would enhance the prospects for dialogue and for lasting settlement, during my meeting on February 26,2019 with the T/c leader, I presented a package –proposal of 21 confidence building measures with the aim of reversing the prevailing negative climate. Unfortunately the initial reaction by the T/c leader was that many of the confidence building measures involved issues related with the Turkish army and there illegal zones established in the north and has yet to respond.

Your Excellency

In relation to procedural issues that might allow us to positively support the efforts of Your Envoy to reach an agreement on the “Terms of Reference”, I would like to also recall some suggestions I put forward

I proposed to Ms Lute to hold a meeting of the two leaders with her so to discuss ways to overcome current difficulties. The proposal was rejected by the T/c leader, yet I made clear at the time that U stand ready in case he would reconsider.

I have also welcomed the proposal put forward by Ms Lute for n informal procedure meeting in the format of the conference in Crans Montana in order to discuss and agree the way forward. Regrettably it was also rejected by Turkey on the pretext of the presence of the EU

As you may recall during our meeting in Bejing last month I also proposed a meeting of the leaders with your Excellency to assess the state of play and explore possible ways forward.

Further, as I have reiterated on numerous occasions in addition to the numerous proposals I have put forward I am always open to any new constructive and innovative ideas that might prove useful in overcoming the current stalemate.

Nevertheless we are now confronted with aggression by Turkey displayed with unprecedented level of threatening rhetoric and actions in clear violation of Cyprus’ sovereign rights. As I have already conveyed and I believe is understandable, Turkish actions gravely undermine the prospect of resumption of a meaningful negotiating process.

What is most unfortunate is the intentional misinterpretation by Turkey of the provisions of international law and of the United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea which Turkey has failed to ratify particularly when it refuses to engage on a dialogue with the affected states. What is strongly worrying are the continuous statements by Turkish officials and T/c “officials” that Turkey would intensify its unlawful actions in our exclusive economic zone.

I would therefore like to call Your Excellency as the guardian of international law and the values and principles of our UN Family to adopt an assertive stance so as for Turkey on the one hand to terminate its unlawful activities and refrain from any provocative acts ad on the other hand to concentrate its efforts and work constructively for the resumption of the efforts for a settlement in Cyprus. As I have repeatedly stated I am ready to move in this direction with commitment and undeterred resolve.

It is paramount importance in this difficult juncture not to allow the hopes and expectations for the continuation of the negotiations to drift away. I hope that with your help and support the right conditions will be restored and one of the above mentioned options will also meet the acceptance of the other side, putting at last the negotiating process back on track.

Concluding please allow me to also raise another critical issue of urgency. Taking into account recent provocative actions by the Turkish military in the buffer zone and the villages of Denia and Strovilia I cannot overtake the importance of maintaining a calm situation throughout the whole island. To this end, it is of utmost importance that UNFICYP’s mandate remains unaltered as it contributes to establishing an environment conducive to settlement talks through its efforts in keeping tensions at a minimum, despite numerous challenges it faces

Please accept Excellency the assurances of my highest consideration.

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